Debra Condren > Press Clips > Field, Anne. "HopStop CEO Takes a Laissez Faire Approach toward Employees -" , December 12, 2011

Field, Anne. "HopStop CEO Takes a Laissez Faire Approach toward Employees -" 

When managing a company, there are often traditional guidelines a CEO will follow in his/her employee interaction. For Joe Meyer, CEO of HopStop, the NY-based mass-transit information website, these traditional practices do not gel with his less-is-more mentality.

Debra Condren, a business psychologist based in NY and San Francisco, believes that Mr. Meyer’s policy is conducive to directing and maintaining self-motivated high achievers. “They don’t need somebody looking over their shoulder and holding their hand,” she told Crain’s NY Business. Such self-starters might revel in the opportunity to receive coaching on the spot, whereas other employees could find it an intimidating practice. To better prepare for the future, according to Dr. Condren, Meyer might consider providing more formal management training to promising employees “so they’re prepared in case the company suddenly needs to double in size,” she added.

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