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Rapoport, Betsy. "How to Stop Beating Yourself Up, Putting Yourself Down, and Selling Yourself Short." Good Housekeeping Aug. 2010. Print.

"The successful woman has a secret. She's learned that she owes it to herself, her children, and the world to make the contribution she was born to make. She's learned to ask for advice and help, to insist on getting paid what she's worth, and to set boundaries at work and at home so that her needs get met, not trampled." says business psychologist and career coach Debra Condren, Ph.D., author of Ambition Is Not A Dirty Word.

Jordan, Nicole. "No. You Can’t Pick My Brain." Magazine post. Kicking Sand. 26 Feb. 2010.

Cosmopolitan. "3 Ways to Deal with a Cheap Friend." Magazine post. Shine from Yahoo!, 17 Feb. 2010. Web

How to deal: " Rally your friend by making it a challenge to see how much fun you can have for $10 or $20. (She can pretty much pull that amount of cash out of thin air with one of these painless money-saving switches.) Or agree to set a limit of how much cash she's comfortable spending and promise to head home as soon as you both reach your total, no matter what. (But getting guys to buy you drinks is totally legit.) By sticking to your word, you're proving to your friend that being broke doesn't have to be boring," says Debra Condren, author of Ambition Is Not a Dirty Word.

Hashe, Janis. "The whens, wheres and hows of talking to your teen." Chattanooga Parent 1 Feb. 2010. Print

Pofeldt, Elaine. "The big blur." Crains 13 Jan. 2010.

Debra Condren, a Manhattan-based business psychologist, says that entrepreneurs who succeed at keeping their own businesses alive after taking a day job tend to be smart about compartmentalizing their roles into set hours.

Lindner, Melanie, and Maureen Farrell. "How to stay cool at work." The Age. Forbes. Web

When in doubt, try a little humor. You might not be Jerry Seinfeld, but even stab at a joke in a tense meeting can go a long way, says Dr. Debra Condren, a bi-coastal executive coach with a Ph.D. in psychology. Supervisors should try some self-deprecating humor, remember, if you're stressed, your minions are, too, so let them know you can roll with the punches.

Evans, Teri. "Time Management by the Very Time-Challenged."Business Week 4 Dec. 2009. Print.

Entrepreneurs who own more than one company "need more stimulation, more brain food, more challenges that will allow them to really stretch their imagination," says Debra Condren, a business psychologist. "It keeps them feeling passionate about their work as opposed to feeling sated, like eating the same food every day. They want variety." In other words, one man's hopeless confusion is another man's smorgasbord.

Condren, Debra. "Top Tips: Six Ways To Keep Your Cool At Work." Forbes

Verbal Jujitsu
Berated by a co-worker or a frustrated superior? Dr. Debra Condren, founder of Manhattan Business Coaching and author of Ambition Is Not A Dirty Word, a career guide for women, has a solution: "I keep my face neutral, make sure I'm breathing and staying calm, with my feet planted any my body relaxed," she says.

Condren, Debra. "Taking a Part-Time Track." The Next Move 19 Nov. 2009. Print.
Don’t Sell Yourself Short
Some part-timers have a tendency to sabotage themselves by putting down their efforts, or apologizing for being part-time. This is the wrong approach, according to Dr. Debra Condren, author of “Ambition Is Not a Dirty Word,” a career guide for women.
“Even if you are working some hours from home, in your pajamas, feeding your toddler while squeezing in an emergency client call to answer a question, remember to tell yourself that you’re getting it done, you’re great at what you do, and you don’t need to explain or to apologize (the client needn’t know that you haven’t made it into your street clothes yet today),” she wrote in her book.

Finora, Joseph. "Mix Old with New To Market Today." Printing News 8 Oct. 2009

“Host a business-community mixer at your print shop,” advised Dr. Debra Condren, business adviser and author of Ambition Is Not A Dirty Word. “Invite all of your clients, cross-promote and possibly share the expense with your local chamber of commerce and/or other business organizations, including local banks."

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